Release Notes

Current version available to download HERE
Build v0.0.4.517 (12th March 2024)
  • Feature Fix: Withdrawing a competitor from their fence team part way through the pool unique (i.e. when some, but not all, pool sheets have been completed) should now correctly remove thir bouts from both their total and their opponents totals. NOTE: adding the fencer back into a team will reinstate all bouts they have fought.
  • Minor Change: Autocalculate fence bouts based on teams moved to the top of the admin dialog (as this is the defualt)
Build v0.0.4.512 (7th March 2024)
  • New Feature: Hors Concours competitors can now be in dynamic teams. The team will inherit the Hors Concours status and will be listed at the bottom of the results.
  • Bug Fix: When tournament is closed various functions that require a tournament would cause a crash.
Build v0.0.4.503 (6th March 2024)
  • New Feature: Seed based validation on physical events. If a time entered if more that 10% greater or less than the applied seed value then a warning triangle will show to indicate a double check of the entered value would be worthwhile.
  • New Feature: Bout hit validation added to fence input grid. If the number of hits entered is less than the number of hits per bout then a warning triangle will show to indicate a double check of the entered value would be worthwhile, it could be a double defeat. If the bout hits total is greater than the hits expected for a bout then the warning triangle shows with a similar message (excluding double defeat hint).
  • New Feature: Fence pool sheet based score input now defaults each value to "-" representing that no value has been entered. Previous was 0 which was not really true and caused the double defeat message to show. "-" can also be entered by user to return the score to an unset status.
  • New Feature: Victories are now automatically summed for each row up on the pool sheet based input screen. This should make validation easier as a check can be made against the totals totted up on the physical pool sheet.
  • New Feature: sFTP upload to web site. If you have support for sFTP with your web hosting provider, this may create a more stable connection. In particular plain FTP is bad over mobile hotspot so sFTP may be worth a try.
  • Improvement: On input data screen cell backgrounds are now painted light grey to indicate that a score has not yet been entered.
  • Improvement: When there is an odd number of teams the extra I round piste is more clearly listed in the pool sheet input screen.
  • Improvement: Formatted the seeding tooltip to show a single digit seconds value with a 0 prefix.
  • Bug Fix: Score would become activated on entering input cell. Fixed so they only become active on data entry.HERE
  • Bug Fix: Fence victories override enabled correctly when box checked.
  • Bug Fix: Fence victories override would be populated with sum of values from pool sheets after a save/load cycle.
  • Bug Fix: Crash on data input screen when opening a different tournament after viewing data input screen of first tournament.
Build v0.0.4.475 (25th February 2024)
  • New Feature: Results books. Documentation updated HERE.
  • New Feature: Heat based input. Documentation updated HERE
  • Download size reduced to 8MB.
Build v0.0.4.414 (28th November 2023)
  • Migrated to .Net 8.0.
    • No new functionality in application.
    • Download size reduced by 25% (down to 16MB)
    • Dependency on SDK should hopefully be eliminated: only .NET Desktop Runtime 8.0.0 should be required. The installer will direct the user to download this, if it is not already installed.
Build v0.0.4.393 (21th November 2023)
  • Changed Order of Assault algorithm on spreadsheet.
    • Previously the order was based on the largest team in the entire pool. Now it is based on the largest team in the match between two teams each pool sheet independently.
    • This means if two teams of three are on a piste in a pool with a team of four on another piste the order of assault will be as prescribed for teams of three. Previously it would have been based on teams of four even though no team of four was on that piste.
    • In the case that both teams on the piste have a different number of fencers. The order will be based on the larger team on that piste with fights that would have included missing fencers removed from the ordering.
Build v0.0.4.384 (28th July 2023)
  • Added the new obstacle discipline based on UIPM November 2023 rules.
    • Obstacle must be added to an existing or new tournament (i.e. there are no built in tournament templates including obstacle yet).
    • Obstacle is not yet included in tie-break rules.
    • Obstacle includes seeding, heats, scorecards and admin as well as regular result reports and HTML based (projector and web site) reports.
Build v0.0.4.380 (25th June 2023)
  • Important Update: Default fence rules updated (including 2022 changes) with minor corrections.
  • User interface now allows the fence scoring rules to be selected and edited at the discipline level as well as overridden for each pool, if desired. Documentation updated HERE
  • Bonus round points set on the pool now inherit from the discipline unless overridden on the pool in the same way as other fence scoring rules.
  • Minor change: Fence scoring now defaults to calculate the number of bouts based on the number of athletes added to fence teams rather than the number in the pool. This makes it is bit less likely for error if someone is removed form a team but are not removed from the pool. It is still simple to change options.
  • UI enhancements for high resolution screens.
  • Improved user interface when a competitor number or team id is invalid because it is not unique.
Build v0.0.4.363 (25th April 2023)
  • CRITICAL BUG FIX: Swim scores with hundreds in the top half of the interval were rounded incorrectly and got the wrong score. e.g. In senior competition 2:37.90 previously received 234 points but should be 235.
Build v0.0.4.360 (18th April 2023)
  • Added publish results deselect all context menu see here.
Build v0.0.4.358 (15th April 2023)
  • Bug Fix: Odd number of fence teams caused a crash on pool sheet generation due to error in print options.
Build v0.0.4.357 (24th March 2023)
  • Bug Fix: Pdf output.
Build v0.0.4.354 (23rd March 2023)
  • Added ride particulars info to tooltip for riders in ride admin dialog.
Build v0.0.4.353 (23rd March 2023)
  • Added tooltips to the heat admin showing the seedings for that competitor.
  • BUG FIX: In the discipline structure admin dialog, dragging an athlete from the class list onto then back out of a ride course or heatset was leaving them in the course/heatset. They are now only added if you drop them on.
Build v0.0.4.352 (21st March 2023)
  • BUG FIX: If heats were seeded immediately after adding competitors to a heat set then the most recently added competitors would not display correctly in the heats.
Build v0.0.4.350 (15th March 2023)
  • In ride admin dialog, drag and drop is now much improved on riders list with visual feedback as you drag. It is also now possible to reorder horses as well.
  • Tooltip added to rider list in admin screen showing a preview of which horse someone would be allocated onto if an ordered draw was run with current settings.
  • Bug Fix: Crash when adding horses to a list when no list is created.
Build v0.0.4.336 (7th March 2023)
  • Names, places and competitor numbers are now displayed with a slightly larger font for clarity.
  • Slight increase in column width so that "Team Member 1" header does not wrap on team reports.
Build v0.0.4.330 (25th February 2023)
    • Save any .adjx tournament files and store in a safe location
    • Please uninstall any previous versions of Adjudicate from "Add or Remove Programes" under control panel
    • Install the .Net 6.0 SDK (tested with 6.0.14) HERE. NOTE: this should be a temporary requirement until it is assertained why the .NET Desktop Runtime is not sufficient.
    • Follow the link above to install the new version
    • Files saved with previous versions should open in the new version.
    • It may not be possible to open files saved with the new versions of Adjudicate in previous versions.
    • If you do not follow this procedure Adjudicate will no longer automatically update to subsequent versions.
  • Framework upgrade: No new functionality.
  • Technical bit: This version migrates from .Net Framework 4.5 to .Net 6. Microsoft have introduced many breaking changes along the road to .Net 6.0. Every effort has been made to eliminate any bugs they would have introduced.
Build v0.0.3.175 (24th March 2022)
  • Added ability to ensure height, weight and novice restrictions are adhered to in the ride.
  •   Documentation updated HERE
    • Added ride particulars information to competitors (height, weight and is novice.
    • Added ability to import ride particulars from csv file when competitors are imported into class
    • Added height and weight restriction ranges and no novices restriction to horses
    • Added option to apply horse restrictions to ride particulars when performing ride draw.
  • Fixed bug there F3 search was not initialized correctly after close tournament
Build v0.0.3.170 (28th February 2022)
  • Added UIPM 2022 template.
    • Fence Bonus 2 points per hit and 2 points for winning.
    • Laser-Run point based on new distances with 600m/300m laps.
  • Added option to assign points to the winner (i.e. last person standing) of the bonus round. Documentation updated HERE
  • Forced score status to completed (i.e. grey bar removed) when typing in partial score (i.e. sub 1min swim time) into input control
Build v0.0.3.166 (13th April 2021)
  • Added custom adjustment allowing adjustment of individual competitors total by a pre-determined amount.
  • Add report config customisations panel to allow customisation of the report header prefixes.
Build v0.0.3.163 (10th April 2021)
  • Fixed all known unhandled exceptions (software crashes) bugs. If you experience a crash please do report it so that it can be fixed with high priority.
  • Adding UPIM 2018 rules template with Masters added and "Youth A" changed to "Under 19" and other Youth age groups similarly. Combined Event is now called laser run and 2018 rules now available under add discipline dialog also.
Build v0.0.3.150 (16th June 2020)
  • Results site published to internal screens now support paginated output as well as scrolling. There are now a couple of different styles (standard and monochrome)
  • A short text note can now be added to each horse which displays on the paperwork and the screen output.
Build v0.0.3.110 (16th April 2019)
Build v0.0.3.101 (23rd March 2019)
  • Significant improvements across the application.
  • Changed the input grid to display useful summary information with editable details shown on click.
  • Improved speed of input grid.
  • Added header and footer to live output.
  • Dynamic teams for classes: best three from each club in the first team and so on...
  • Publishing results to projector now includes a check for the connection so if it goes down the results will still display and a small messages will indicate that the connection has been lost will show in the corner.
  • Publishing result can be previewed locally in your browser with a single click
  • Publish results supports displaying startlists for each discipline to the projector
  • Publish results allows selection of what is currently displayed
  • Ride draw can now be made automatically (horses are rotated in order and competitors can either be randomly allocated or assigned in the order they are listed.
  • Fence teams can now be renamed (Team A, Team B etc) with a single click of a new button
  • If two or more competitors are drawn on points the position is now determined according the rules
Build v0.0.3.23 (6th June 2017)
  • Critical patch for EY competition
Build v0.0.3.21 (3rd June 2017)
  • Fixed issue: competitors in pool or heat were not immediately shown until user explicitly selected a heat.
  • Fixed issue: Expand icon reinstated for class admin details.
Build v0.0.3.18 (27th May 2017)
  • Improved search functionality.  The search navigates directly to the competitor in the input grid rather than in a separate dialog and the search panel itself has been improved so that competitors are orderd by number and can be navigated via the keyboad tab key or the down and up arrows.
  • A number of bugs have been fixed that were identified at BUCS 2017:
    • Adding a heatset didn't immediately appear in other disciplines.
    • Autotab for CE with 250 point optimum was triggered when entering 1 but should wait for a second digit.
    • Prior to ride being completed the ride was highlighting all competitors red to show they are discipline winners.
    • Horse added in one class didn't show in other classes.
Build v0.0.3.5 (14th May 2017)

Release Summary:

This release introduces the ability to publish results to the internet or to host a web server on your local machine for availability within the venue such as for display screens (i.e. projectors o large TVs).  The look and feel has also been improved with a new set of icons


  • Results Publishing - For more information read here in the user guide
    • New "Publish Results panel added on the left with a toolbar of controls along the top to start and stop the results publishing service, update the results, alter settings to configure the published results and an information button which shows the location of the published results.  Hover over each button to see more information about what it does
    • The toolbar also includes a button to publish internet results.  The FTP credentials for your web site can also be configured via the settings button.  You should create a new, empty folder on your web server to publish the results to.
    • There is a status bar at the bottom of the panel with traffic lights to indicate the status of various services.  Hover over the traffic light to see more information.
    • The input grid will be faster to appear when switching between classes.
    • The publishing of results via your local machine requires you to be running with administrator privileges. There will now be a check on start up to ensure you are and if not offer you the chance to restart as administrator.  This can be configured from a new section under the settings tab.
  • Look and feel
    • Icons replaced with a new set.
    • The input grid now shows a progress screen whilst it is loading.  The first time you open an input grid will take longer than subsequent times.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Bug: When importing competitors, add a seed, you previously needed to reselect the rows before proceeding.
    • Fixed Bug: Unable to remove a class from a competition.
    • Other miscellaneous bugs fixed.
Build v0.0.2.760 (15th March 2017)
  • added a checkbox on each competitor to allow them to be assigned as “Hors Concours”.  If you check this then they will not be given a placing and instead be put down the bottom of the listing.  Also, any team they are in will get similar treatment.
Build v0.0.2.757 (9th March 2017)
  • Added option to customise the start piste and also to define an extra piste for the resting team in the first round to fence their individual fights on (click on the cog icon in the fence team definitions to set the fence pool properties).
Build v0.0.2.755 (5th March 2017)
  • New: Added BUCS2017 template introducing 250 point based system to the BUCS pentathlon (Biathlon remains 1000 point based)
Build v0.0.2.750 (1st March 2017)
  • New: Added ability to enter fence scores pool sheet by pool sheet. Click on the "..." button on the input grid fence cell to bring up a new dialog. For more information read here in the user guide
  • Fixed several other miscellaneous bugs
Build v0.0.2.739 (5th February 2017)
  • General improvements to discipline structure details dialog including colouring of text and layout of controls.
  • Improved drag and drop so the items being dragged remain highlighted in the source list whilst you are dragging them.
  • Fixed issues with input grid not updating for ride course, horse and fence bouts.
  • Fixed issues with reports not updating when ride course, horse and competitor details have changed.
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes.
Build v0.0.2.597 (16th November 2016)
  • Further input grid improvements including zoom buttons.
  • Miscellaneous other minor fixes.
Build v0.0.2.587 (2nd November 2016)
  • Bug fix: Fixed Add/remove competition/class.

Build v0.0.2.586 (31st October 2016)
  • Bug fix: Fixed search result input dialog to show all values correctly.

Build v0.0.2.584 (30th October 2016)
  • Bug Fix: Create New tournament, then close and restart adjudicate would crash (due to tournament schema number not being set correctly).

Build v0.0.2.582 (24th October 2016)
  • Bug Fix: previous version introduced a bug preventing older .adjx files to load

Build v0.0.2.581 (23rd October 2016)

Release Summary:

This release focuses on improvements to the results input grid and also introduces PDF export to the report viewer.  The speed of pool sheet generation has been improved for teams of 2 or 3.  Auto-tab has been expanded to work for all disciplines.


  • Result Input improvements:
    •  The input grid columns and rows are now resizable.
    • The input grid will be faster to appear when switching between classes.
    • The result currently being edited with surrounded by a bold outline.
    • The ability to show and hide columns has been moved so you now have to right-click on the grid column headers to show a context menu.
    • Auto-tab now applied to all disciplines.  When auto-tab is enabled the software will attempt to anticipate when you have finished typing a value and then tab to the next cell automatically.  So, for example, if you press the 5 key in the fence victories cell in a pool with 40 bouts you will be automatically moved to the next cell.  If, however, you pressed the 3 key, you will not be tabbed on as you may be attempting to type thirty-something.  In general this will save a lot of key presses when entering data.
  • Fence pool sheets will now generate much faster pools where the largest team is 3 or less.  Further improvements for teams of 2, 4 or 5 will be possible in future.
  • Reports can now be exported to PDF using the save button added to the report viewer toolbar.  For the moment each report will be generated to a separate PDF and will require joining via a third party application.  In future, it will be possible to make these join together inside Adjudicate so that a single "report book" can be created.
  • Secondary scores (used primarily for the EY corporate event) can now be edited, added to and removed.  This should be used with caution as the ranges to which secondary rules apply need to be setup with care.
  • Fixed Bug: Previously, if a competitor's horses changes or the report "show adjustment details" checkbox changes or the fence hits per hookup changes when the settings > "save reports in report log folder" the previous report is show regardless of the changes.
  • Fixed Bug: The lane allocation on swim, run and CE reports would previously be incorrect after moving a competitor into a specific lane.
  • Fixed Bug: The Settings panel would previously occasionally disappear when the tournament explorer was selected.
  • Fixed Bug: The individual handicap start list was previously based on the secondary total.  Corrected to use the primary total (as defined in "Class Admin" > "Custom Adjustments" > "Defined how totals are calculated and displayed") .

Build v0.0.2.577 (26th June 2016)
  • Enhanced the, "fill in missing athletes with auto-generated pseudo-athletes" custom adjustment to allow disciplines to be filtered so that the generated athlete does not include points for these disciplines.
  • Amended BUCS 2015 tournament template to include 6th form pentathlon classes and include the 350 point team adjustment for each female team member.
  • A few bug fixes:
    • Fixed the "fill in missing athletes with auto-generated pseudo-athletes" so it calculates correctly.
    • Updated the EY2014 tournament structure template to exclude the ride from the auto-generated pseudo-athletes rule.
    • Selecting the settings tab before selecting anything in the tournament, then clicking in the whitespace on the tournament explorer would result in the settings controls disappearing.
    • Searching by competitor number is no longer case sensitive for competitor numbers which include characters.

Build v0.0.2.560 (30th May 2016)
  • Added more comprehensive admin scorecards including time based seeding for swim etc...
    • Seedings can be set up on the tournament admin page.
    • Seeding values can be imported on the "Append Competitors" page dialog via a new split-button allowing selection of which seeding fields are being mapped.
    • Seeding values can be altered individually via the competitor admin dialog.
    • Shoot details can be set up via the shoot admin by dragging competitors into the list.
    • In the discipline admin for swim, run and combined event heats can be set up via the respective admins by dragging competitors into the session list and then dragging the members of each heat into the drop panel to create the heats themselves.
    • Alternatively heats can be created from the seedings by selecting the available lanes, the seeding to use and clicking re-seed heats.
    • Clicking re-name heats will rename each of the already existing heats based on ascending numbers.
    • The start value for the heat names either when re-seeding or re-naming can be set via the heat settings dialog (the cogs icon).
    • The lane allocation when re-seeding can be set to arrow head formation via the heat settings dialog. This is the default for the swim.
    • The ride admin now allows the first warmup start time, the warm up duration and the time between riders to be set. These are used when the ride admin scorecards are created.
    • Buttons have been added to the "Admin & Scorecard Reports" ribbon to cover the scorecards for all the main events based on the heats, details/, course and rounds set up in the discipline admin dialogs. These are currently a basic layout which will be improved in future releases. Traditional shoot scorecards are not completed and will be implemented in a future release.
  • Other additions:
    • Added a button on the settings dialog to switch off the report caching (there are currently a couple of known bugs where the caching shows the old report even though something has changed which alters the report). These will be fixed but for the moment can be worked round by either clearing the cache or switching it off entirly.
    • Added ability to drag and drop to reorder people within a fence pool or fence team (and similarly within heat sessions and heats).
  • Minor Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed: The heat/pool session list dropdown would reset each time a dialog was shown.

Build v0.0.2.546 (24th April 2016)
  • Printing
    • Fixed bug where preferences set on the printer via control panel we not reflected in the adjudicate output (i.e. if the print driver defaulted to duplex then it was not possible to change this). The printer settings are now used properly.
    • Added a printer preferences button on the print dialog so that application specific changes can be made. These will be reset to default settings when the application is restarted.
    • Added a print option for fence pool sheets to select by round and piste to select a specific pool sheet (round or piste can also be set to "All" in order to print either all pistes for a specific round or all rounds for a specific piste).
  • Reports
    • All reports are now cached to disk when they are generated (in the way that pool sheets have been for some time) so that if they are required a second time they will appear much faster. The location the report files are stored can be viewed and changed on the settings tab. This will help with individual results, team results and handicap start reports.

Build v0.0.2.539 (9th March 2016)
  • Competitor search function added.
    • Click on Search on the left-hand folding panel or Press F3
    • Search results appear as you type.
    • Search on competitor number, competitor name or on club name
    • Click "Go" button on the competitor search result to bring up a popup competitor input screen to enter results.
    • Known Issues:
      • If a results report is selected when F3 is pressed the dialog will not show.  Click away from the results report and then press F3 or click the "Search" panel directly.
      • The competitor number search is case sensitive.

Build v0.0.2.033 (27th February 2016)
  • Fixed Bug: Fence bouts were not displaying correctly in fence config when creating a new pool.

Build v0.0.2.029 (22nd November 2015)
  • Fixed Bug: Piste rotation report fixed.
Build v0.0.2.028 (22nd November 2015)

Release Summary:

This release introduces the ability to define point adjustments which apply to either competitors or teams. The details of this are outlined below and are documented in more detail here in the user guide. The ability to adjust points in this way makes the old team bonus points obsolete, they have been removed and a new point adjustment will need to be defined on your class or competition in its place. The pool sheet generation has also received some notable improvements.


  • Point Adjustments:
    • The class admin and competition admin dialogs have a new button labeled 'Customise Adjustments'.
    • You can select to adjust either team results or individual competitor results
    • Team results can be adjusted in any of the following ways:
        Best n athletes to count towards team total
        Best n scores from each discipline counting towards team total
        Exclude disciplines from counting towards team total (with option to apply only to selected competitors)
        Fixed point adjustment to apply to team score for each qualifying athlete
        Override final team score with predetermined fixed points
        Fill in missing athletes with auto-generated pseudo-athletes
    • Competitor results can be adjusted in any of the following ways:
        Exclude disciplines from counting towards competitor total
        Override final athletes's score with predetermined fixed points
    • The adjustments can be configured to apply to either all teams/competitors or a selectable subset of teams/competitors. Where applicable disciplines and classes can also be selected to filter the scope of the applicability of the adjustment.
    • More adjustments can be added together, where there is a conflict, for example two or more rules target the same competitors or team this is indicated with an info icon, resting the mouse over the info icon displays details of the conflict.
    • The results reports display adjustment points in the total box. Check boxes have been added to "show adjustment details". When these are checked the list of adjustments that have been applied are displayed in grey at the bottom of the report, this allows a bit of audit to explain why the defined adjustments have resulted in the calculated points.
    • BUCS and EY templates have been updated to include the appropriate point adjustments with the descriptions also updated.
  • Calculation and display style of totals:
    • The capability to configure a secondary total (for example in order to display both pentathlon and tetrathlon scores) has been moved. On the class admin dialog click 'Custom Adjustments', then select the second tab, "Define how totals are calculated and displayed".
    • The functionality to base team results on the secondary score has also been moved to here.
  • General tweeks
    • There is now a button in the top right corner of the lower panel in the admin dialogs which
    • Identification of .adjx files from older versions with a message to explain that the format will be upgraded to that required for the current version. It will be possible to use .adjx files from this release with version and earlier but this is not recommended at all and will likely cause problems, in particular when returning to this version later. From this version going forward downgrades will be better supported with loss of data associated with new features unavoidable but downgrades should still be avoided unless absolutely necessary with data backed-up first.
  • Pool Sheets:
    • The pool sheet generation now runs in a separate thread which makes it more reliable, especially on less powerful machines.
    • Pool sheets are now displayed in landscape AND print in landscape (originally there was a bug that they printed in portrait, a temporary fix was introduced to display them rotated 90 degrees so that they would print correctly without adjusting the printer. Now they display correctly and still print correctly.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • A few miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.
Build v0.0.2.3 (15th August 2015)

  • Bug fix: Adding a new fence discipline was preventing the individual results from being generated.
  • Bug fix: Removing a discipline when competitors were present in the class was preventing the individual results from being generated.

Build v0.0.2.2 (26th July 2015)

  • Bug fix: Fixed ride input control as DNS, Terminated and DQ checkboxes weren't working.

Build v0.0.2.1 (20th June 2015)

Release Summary:

This release contains a huge sets of changes rolled up together into a single release and so I have increase the version number from 0.0.1 to 0.0.2. The whole file format has changed and the pool sheet engine has been improved to be much more practical. I've embedded a lot of the lessons learn from feedback of people using development versions of the software at the 2015 BUCS championships and from my own use of it at the 2015 EY competition. There are no really massive new features but almost every part of the software has been improved in one way or another. It is worth remembering that this is still a test version of the software and with so much change there may still be issues lurking; if you spot any make sure you let me know!!:


  • IMPORTANT: installation instructions
    • The automatic update will fail for this version (this is unavoidable due to some of the improvements that have been made). Instead, go to add/remove programs (or programs and features in later versions of windows) and uninstall old versions. Then use the link above and the new version should install on your system.
  • File format:
    • The file format has changes so unfortunately old .adj files will no longer work. The new .adjx file format should be far more future proof though so in the future there should be little or no breaking changes going forward, old files will be automatically upgraded to the latest formats each time they are read into the latest version of the software.
  • Pool Sheets:
    • Progress is shown as the pool sheets are generated.
    • The pool sheets should generate noticeably faster the first time they are created.
    • They should only take a second or two to be ready on subsequent runs as long as nothing has changed.
    • The pool sheets have been rotated round on the page so that they print landscape correctly. This doesn't look so good on the screen but as how they fit on the page is more important I have left them like this for the moment and will revisit and see if they can be improved further at a later stage.
    • A properties dialog has been added which can be accessed from the fence admin control. At the moment only an alternative team rotation order called "All-Star Mode" has been added (details can be viewed directly on the dialog). More options will be added as time progresses.
    • Unlicensed watermarks have been added to match other reports. Use the contact page on this web site to request a licence if you want to trail the software.
    • Added an area for signatures on the pool sheets.
    • Tweaked fence team controls, made the team name textbox wider and rounded the corners.
  • Installation File Size:
    • The installation files have been reduced to less than 5MB in size. This should help with installation and updates over slower connections.
  • Tournaments and Templates:
    • The controls for creating and closing tournaments and templates have been moved onto the main ribbon.
    • The built in templates are selected from a new dialog which includes a short description of each.
    • There is a new button to create your own template which saves the tournament unpopulated WITHOUT the competitors, teams, fence teams, ride courses and so on but with all the structure saved. This should be useful for very quickly using the structure from an event last year for a subsequent year when the format has not changed (or only changed slightly).
  • Input screen:
    • The ride course can now be selected directly on the input page.
  • Report Viewer:
    • The page number of the page and how many pages there are in a report are now displayed in the bottom right corner of the report viewer in the standard x of y format.
  • Settings:
    • The settings page has been expanded to allow management not only of the licence key but also of automatic backup and the report caching.
    • Pools sheets and the fence team rotation page report are now cached to disk so that if there are required again before any changes have been made they can be retrieved quickly. The location they are saved in can be configured from the setting back and can be wiped by pressing the "clear report cache" button. This caching will be rolled out to other reports in due course.
    • Automated backup is now configurable via the settings page. It can be switched off, and the folder easily located (which could be useful if you want to roll back to a previous version) and changed, if desired. The time between backups can also be altered, on a modern computer there should be no problem keeping this set to 1 or 2 minutes. Old backup files can easily be deleted from the folder.
  • General Bug Fixing:
    • Any bugs spotted have been fixed wherever possible.
    • The tournament name was not updating in the tournament explorer when it was edited in the tournament admin pane.
    • Fixed a bug which occurred when competitors were in teams and were then removed from the team but still could not be removed from the class because the software incorrectly still thought they were in the team and so blocked the competitor from being removed.
    • Also added block to prevent the competitor being removed if there are still in a fence pool or ride course. A clear message is displayed describing what needs to be done to allow the competitor to be removed.
    • Duplicate competitor numbers are now handled a little better when you try and use the same competitor number for different people.
    • Corrected a couple of column widths (most importantly the name column) on reports which had become a bit narrow
    • Importing data from an MS Excel file when it was open in Excel previously caused a crash, not a message is displayed instead.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs with pool sheet printing
    • Fixed pool rotation sheet alignment
    • Fixed auto-tabbing through minutes column on physical events which could be glitchy.

Build v0.0.1.332 (13th March 2015)
  • Added workaround for bug: Competitors previously in teams where the teams have been removed cannot be removed because the software thinks they are still in a team. I have added the option to the warning message to continue and remove the competitor anyway.
Build v0.0.1.329 (4th February 2015)
  • Fixed a few more obscure bugs which caused the software to crash. There are now no known bugs which cause a crash, don't forget to report anything you notice using the contact form so that the issue can be fixed as quickly as possible!
    • Fixed bug: Generating a pool with no poolsheets displayed the toolbar but no pool sheets (as would be expected) but clicking the print button would then crash the application; a message is now shows stating that there are no pages to be printed.
    • Fixed bug: Dragging competitors into the fencing pool control when no fencing pool has been setup resulted in the application crashing. It is now impossible to drag the competitor if there is no pool.
    • Fixed bug: Invalid or corrupted licence files could cause the application to crash. A message is now displayed saying that the file is not a valid licence file.
    • Fixed bug: Printing to a network printer using a server could cause a crash; this type of printer is now supported.
Build v0.0.1.325 (27th January 2015)
  • Overhauled competitor and team import dialog
    • The dialog now support Excel files (both xls and xlsx) as well as csv.
    • For Excel files, the worksheet from which to import data is selected via a drop down.
    • If the top row contains header data then this can be selected via a checkbox.
    • The contents of the file is displayed in a grid at the top of the dialog from which rows can be selected (including non-contiguous selection by holding down shift or ctrl); only selected rows will be imported.
    • Columns can be mapped to competitor/team properties via the grid in the bottom left, if column headers are included and match exactly the property name then this mapping will be set automatically.
    • The processed data to be imported is displayed in the grid in the bottom left and rows with errors are surrounded in red and an exclamation mark shown. Some errors prevent the row being imported, others will result in partial data being imported; more information can be viewed by hovering over the row and reading the tooltip.
    • The dialog no longer requires multiple clicks to make the controls work.
    • Fixed bug with csv import where a column with first row value numeric would block subsequent non-numeric data being imported.
    • The competitor import dialog still allows team bonus points to be added to each competitor in bulk (i.e. points which will not count in individual competitions but will be added to the score of any team which the competitor belongs to in addition to the points they accrue through each discipline they compete in.
Build v0.0.1.321 (6th January 2015)
  • Blocked duplicate competitor numbers within competitions
    • This will only work with tournaments which have been created with v0.0.1.321 or later.
    • This can be disabled via a checkbox on the tournament admin screen.
    • The functionality will be disabled by default when tournaments from old versions of Adjudicate are used and attempting to enable it will be blocked.
    • The functionality is enabled by default with newly created tournaments.
    • Competitor number can still be duplicated if the classes sit within different competitions (e.g. One competition may be set up for semi final and another for the final, if competitor numbers are reused when competitors are premoted to the final this is OK but if the same number is used twice in either the semi-final or final this will be blocked.
    • When the functionality is switched on for the first time a check for duplicates is made and if any are already present they are listed and the user must remove them before the new functionality can be enabled.
    • When competitors are added via the class admin dialog attempts to use a competitor number twice are blocked.
    • When competitors are added via the bulk CSV import dialog duplicate competitor numbers are blocked, other competitors are still imported.
  • The competitions list (in tournament admin) and classes list (in competition admin) are now selected in bold and require a double click to rename (formally single click to rename). This is now consistent with the tournament explorer.
  • Removed non-functional 'maintenance' and 'remove' buttons from tournament admin and competition admin screens.
Build v0.0.1.319 (2nd January 2015)
  • Critical Bug Fix: When creating teams the team list interface was not updating to the newly selected class or competition so that new teams could not be created or maintained across more than one class or competition.
  • Bug Fix: If a decimal point was entered for the minutes value on a swim, run or combined event the software would crash; this is now ignored.
Build v0.0.1.318 (31st December 2014)
  • When printing pool sheets two new select pages options appear below the previously existing "All" and "Custom Print Range" (introduced in v0.0.1.316):
    1. "Piste by Piste" - Pool sheets for all rounds printed for each piste in order of the pistes. Removes the need for manual collation when distributing the pool sheets..
    2. "Initial Round(s) then Piste by Piste" - this option is particularly useful if the start of the fence is imminent. Rounds 0 and 1 will be printed initially to allow the competition to start promptly, these will then be followed with all other rounds collated by piste to allow and easy second distribution to pistes once the printing is complete.
Build v0.0.1.316 (31st December 2014)
  • Replaced Report Viewer Toolbar and Print Dialog
    • The toolbar is replaced from the standard Microsoft one to a customised one.
    • The new toolbar has three buttons (print, zoom in and zoom out) and opens up the possibility of further functionality in the future.
    • The print button opens up a new customised print dialog which allow you to:
      • Select the printer to print to.
      • Select the number of copies required.
      • Choose a page range to print; including non-continuous ranges which was not possible with the standard Microsoft dialog. Useful for pool sheets, in particular. This is laying the foundation for predefined page ranges (such as all pool sheets ordered by piste) to be added in the future.
  • Minor changes to fence team toolbar buttons (i.e. new team button and print preview button) to make them indicate clearer when they have been pressed.
  • Removed unnecessary grip control from main tournament toolbar.
Build v0.0.1.313 (28th December 2014)
  • Added piste rotation report
    • Available from a new button on "Admin and Scorecard Reports" tab.
    • Typically put on the wall during the fence to indicate to fencers where to go.
    • Designed to handle all practical pool sizes; teams will not appear due to lack of space for pools with greater than about 60 fencers (depending on team sizes).
  • Changed title from GeekSport to SportGeek in line with rebranding
  • Changed footer on result reports from GeekSport to SportGeek in line with rebranding
Build v0.0.1.309 (22nd December 2014)
  • No functional changes.
  • installation routine updated to point to new domain for updates.
Build v0.0.1.293 (17th December 2014)

Release Summary:

The main focus of work on this version has been to implement basic pool sheets so that they can be generated and used based on the fence teams introduced in the previous release; not included at the present time is the ability to create a piste rotation summary sheet or to customise the pool sheets as this functionality will be prioritised into future releases. Other more minor work has been included as listed below:


  • Pool Sheets:
    • A pool sheet preview can be viewed by pressing the lightning icon on the fence admin page, fence teams list control.
    • Pool sheets can be generated for printing from the "Admin and Scorecard Reports" tab > "Generate Fence Pools" button.
    • Pool sheets may take some time to generate for print for larger pools (circa 100 pool sheets takes about 20 seconds on a modern laptop), hence the preview has been included which only takes a couple of seconds even with large pools.
    • Up to 6 competitors in each team will be visible but order of assault is only possible with up to 4 competitors in the pools. Greater than 4 competitors is not generally recommended.
    • The pool name, team names, competitor name, club and number are all used on the pool sheets so should be filled in before generating pool sheets.
    • The preview includes a count of the number of pool sheets required.
    • No customisation to pool sheet layout is yet possible.
    • No pool rotation sheet is yet available.
  • Report Viewer:
    • Added ability to set a print range (must be a continuous range).
    • Removed search control.
    • Handicap reports now shows "generating report" message.
  • Reports:
    • Rule summary at top of individual results report can now display more than 6 disciplines (previously ran it out of space).
    • Adjusted tabular reports to fit page to better use space available.
    • Static shoot rule summary now displays on report (it was previously blank).
  • Discipline Admin Pages:
    • Added Traditional Static Shoot admin page.
    • Added minimum points for participation to all discipline admin pages where it was previously missing.
    • Fixed static knockdown shoot admin page where previously it was not properly bound to values.
  • Autosave:
    • Status bar display has been improved to include the location of autosave files and to update each time autosave is performed.
    • Ability to switch autosave on and off from the checkbox on the "Event details" tab has been implemented and status is visible in status bar (it is best to keep autosave on unless it is causing a specific problem as regular backups minimise the risk of loosing data).
    • Autosave checkbox tooltip has been added.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Fixed Bug: Click for details control on the fence input (i.e. '..' button) crashed (this problem was only recently introduced).
    • Fixed Bug: Tooltip message on input control warning triangle was not showing.

Build v0.0.1.285 (3rd December 2014)

Release Summary:

This version focuses on the fence admin and configuration screen, adding the ability to put competitors into teams via a convenient drag and drop system.  This release also introduces a rather comprehensive set of configuration controls for the fence allowing for pretty much any configuration of fence pools.  Unfortunately this version required breaking changes which means adj files from older versions of Adjudicate are not compatible; tournaments will need to be created from scratch.  This version prepares the way for automatic pool sheet generation which will be the next major new addition to Adjudicate's feature set in the meantime putting competitors into fence teams has only limited value.  


  • ADJ file format changed:
    • Files created with older versions of Adjudicate will not open with the new release and vice versa.
  • Fence Admin and Configuration enhancements
    • Fence pools are now shared across all fence events
    • Ability to drag and drop competitors into pools and also to drag and drop them out to remove them from pool
    • Ability to drag and drop competitors from pools into fence teams and also to drag and drop them out to remove them from the team or to drag them into other or new teams.
      • Create a new team simply by dragging a competitor onto the team control either from the pool or from another team
      • Edit name of fence team directly from within the team's control.
      • Delete a team by clicking red X button on team control
      • Number of pistes required is calculated and displayed dynamically as teams are added and removed.
      • Multiple competitors can be dragged at the same time by multi-select (holding down shift for continuous selections or alt for non-continuous selection)
      • Dragging competitors is blocked when actions are not valid
        • Dragging from pool is not valid when competitor is in a team
        • Dragging from a class is not valid when competitor is already in a pool
        • Message is displayed with information as to why drag is not allowed
      • Expand and collapse fence team controls to view when there are a large amount of teams in the pool.
    • Competitors coloured  in class list according to their presence in pools
      • Grey - Not assigned to a pool
      • Brown - Assigned to this pool from a different fence discipline
      • Green - Assigned to a pool for this fence discipline
      • Tooltips when hovering over the competitor listing details of pools the competitor is in.
    • Competitors coloured in pool list according to their presence in teams
      • Grey - Not assigned to a team
      • Green - Assigned to a team
    • Fence config:
      • Automatically calculate bouts based on the pool listing or the fence teams (including option to exclude teammates).
      • Ability to override hits, points and optimums for both standard and percentage-based fence events.
      • Warning shows next to bouts when the bouts are not valid (minimum 19 bouts for 2014 rules and minimum 20 bouts for years before 2014). Maximum bouts also applied according to UIPM rules.
    • Fence rule summaries at the top of the individual results reports have been enhanced.
  • Handicap start reports
    • Added a popup message informing what point per second were used.
  • Ride
    • Ride courses are now shared across all ride events (similar to fence pools)
    • Horse lists are now shared across events
  • Combined event
    • Removed erroneous "Addition override rules" label from admin screen.
  • Class Admin
    • Competitor numbers now show on class lists and when selecting to pools or show jumping courses the club is also shown.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed: New competitors did not immediately appear in the fence or ride lists.
    • Fixed: A new old blues tournament was creating two show jumping courses

Build v0.0.1.281 (20th September 2014)
  • ADJ file format changed:
    • Files created with older versions of Adjudicate will be read in as usual and automatically upgraded (including the tournament opened automatically when Adjudicate starts up).
    • Files created with the new version of Adjudicate cannot be opened with older versions of Adjudicate (old version will become unstable if this is attempted).
  • Input Screen:
    • When clicking on a cell the existing value is selected so that typing can begin immediately.
    • Warning triangle shows in input cell when:
      • Ride: Competitor is not in a show jumping round; time penalties cannot be determined.
      • Ride: Competitor is in a show jumping round without time penalties defined.
      • Ride: Competitor is in show jumping round with no horses to chose from.
      • Fence: Competitor is not in a fencing pool so the number of bouts cannot be determined (NOTE: functionality to calculate bouts is still not included so this message is in place for the future).
  • Improvements made to admin controls; smoother user experience for maintenance of disciplines, competitors and teams.
    • Controls flow and have scrollbar rather than resizing
    • Bug fix: When admin details are showing and a different class or competition is selected from the tournament explorer or when a competitor or team was removed the previously selected details remained showing.
    • Competitor and team ID validation added to add competitor and add team controls. Empty strings and duplicates are blocked.
    • The team admin datagrid columns have been refined to only those which should be displaying and has been made read only.
    • Bug fix: When no team is selected the remove team button remained enabled.
    • The tab order on the competitor and team admin controls has been corrected and set up in such a way a quick succession of athlete or teams can be added by using the tab and enter keys (no mouse required).
    • Bug fix: When a team name is changed it was not immediately reflected in the listbox of all teams.
    • Bug fix: When a competition or tournament name is changed it was not immediately reflected in the tournament explorer treeview.
    • Bug fix: a new ride would display the admin details with "pool" in labels rather than "course".
    • Removed "Moo" comic images.
    • Bug Fix: If there was no tournament on start up and a new one was then created, the add disciplines dialog would then be blank.
  • Small clean-up to main controls:
    • Tournament Assistant starts collapsed as it has no really useful functionality yet.
    • Tournament Explorer and Tournament Assistant resizers made grey to be easier to locate.
  • Tournament Explorer Improvements:
    • Accuracy of mouse click has been improved.
    • Display is cleaner, using bold font to indicate the selected item.
  • Results Reports Improvements:
    • Added a graphic to indicate progress whilst generating reports

Build v0.0.1.266 (5th August 2014)
  • Added a full UIPM tournament template with predefined 2014 rules for all ages from Senior to Youth F in Pentathlon, Tetrathlon and Triathlon

Build v0.0.1.262 (20th July 2014)
  • Pre-defined 2014 100m & 50m swim rules (with 250 point optimum) added
  • Pre-defined 2014 4x800m, 3x800m, 2x800m, 1x800m & 1x400m combined Event rules (with 250 point optimum) added
  • Pre-defined 2014 ride rules (with 250 point optimum, 1 point per second) added
  • User customisable penality points per second over the time added to the ride course admin page
  • Ensured that 0 victories in standard fence produces 0 points in accordance with 2013 and 2014 rules
  • Removed the fence pool sheet button as this is not yet functioning and was causing confusion (pool sheet generation is still in the pipeline though)
  • Improved error handling: If the user attempts to import a badly-formatted CSV file so that error message is displayed and the user is invited to try again
  • Improved error handling: If a fatal error does occur the current tournament is silently saved in the background and the application is restarted without loosing data. However, there are currently no known causes of a fatal error; if you experience one please report it via the contact page on this web site so that is can be fixed with high priority!

Build v0.0.1.254 (16th July 2014)
  • Pre-defined 2014 200m swim rules (with 250 point optimum) added

Build v0.0.1.252 (15th July 2014)
  • Pre-defined 2014 fence rules (with 250 point optimum) added - other 2014 rules to follow
  • Icon now visible on taskbar

Build v0.0.1.224 (3rd April 2014)
  • Fixed: Issue with filtered input columns causing crashing on scrolling

Build v0.0.1.223 (12th March 2014)
  • Fixed: Minor regression issues from v0.0.1.221

Build v0.0.1.221 (9th March 2014)
  • First version released for download from the web
  • Targeted at the BUCS 2014 competition
  • Fixed: Contents of textboxes is selected on single click
  • Fixed: CSV import of competitors can now bulk apply team bonus points
  • Fixed: In class maintenance screen the individual competitor view allows you to edit existing competitor’s name, but doesn’t update in whole competitor list

Known Issues

The current released version represents work-in-progress and as such can contain a few issues which it may be worth bearing in mind.

Current known issues are listed below. If you experience any issues which are not listed please let us know via the contact form on this web site!

  1. Breakdown of the fence to hit-by-hit entry into pool sheet like controls is now complete.  Detailed breakdown of other disciplines (such as jump-by-jump results for the ride) remains work-in-progress.
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